About Parkroulette

“Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively.”

Dalai Lama XIV

This site was created to throw some statistical pie in the face of parking in San Francisco. Despite some astounding prices for parking, there are many cheap spots available when you are ready to gamble. What's so bad about parking in front of fire hydrants anyway?

Keep in mind, this same site is just as available to the fine men and women of the SFTMA. We invite them to use it plug any holes in their coverage, or to equate their expected ticket prices with their dynamically priced meters. In the end, we would all benefit from a freer market for parking.

Read about how Parkroulette works and doesn't work.


Greg Dingle is an economist by training, a programmer by profession. Economics taught him that the money is in computers. He would totally use Parkroulette if he had a car.

Olga Sergeeva is an aspiring graphic designer based in SF. She would totally use Parkroulette if she had a driver's license.