Parking insurance

Parkroulette knows the chance and cost of getting a ticket anywhere in San Francisco. So why not let Parkroulette take on the risk of getting that ticket? Park without fear of any nasty surprises on your return.

Contact us here to become a beta tester for Parkroulete's first ever PARKING INSURANCE.

How does it work?

  1. When you park your car, you tell Parkroulette where you are, and how long you want to park.
  2. Parkroulette will quote you a price. You choose to accept the quote. You leave your car.
  3. When you return to your car, you tell Parkroulette. Parkroulette will charge your credit card for the time spent parking.
  4. If you got a ticket while you were away, you take a photo of the ticket and send it to Parkroulette.
  5. Parkroulette pays your ticket automatically.
  6. You gleefully tear up your ticket.